Variation Project

(Updates: August 31, 2018)

Full list of composers:

Dominic Beston
Jon Block
Ryan Chase
Wallace DePue
David Dzubay
Ari Avraham
Nicholas Hubbell
Texu Kim
Peter Klatzow
Jordan Lenchitz
Justin Rubin
Dan Sedgwickick
Noah Sonderling
John Steinmetz
Pasquale Tassone
Eric Thomas
Jean-Pierre Vial

(Updates: February 05, 2018)

Dear composers,
Thank you each and every one of you for submitting your work, I loved every minute of it. The whole process was a pure eye-opening experience for me. Your work was beautiful, creative, and just awesome! I could see that there were so much heart put into the works, and I cannot thank you enough for it.

The winners will be contacted individually in the following days:
And the winners are:

Jordan Lenchitz – variations on a theme by j. s. bach

Jean-Pierre Vial – Variation 31.4

Noah Sonderling – Variation on an Aria by J.S. Bach

Dominic Beston – Bach Goldberg Variation Submission

Justin Rubin – Mystic Variation on a Theme by J.S.B.

Jon Block – Variation (Utilizing the canon from Bach’s Goldberg Variations)

Nicholas Hubbell – Dissimilitude I

Pasquale Tassone – (will contact regarding which variation)

Congratulations again!

With warmest wishes,


(Updates: January 06, 2018)

The submission for the project has officially been closed. I want to send thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of you who have taken interests and participated in the project. Your kind words and enthusiasm meant a lot to us. The result will be posted here on or before February 05. I am super excited to get to know all the new compositions!

(Updated: December 08, 2017)

Thank you for your support for the Variation Project. The project is still on! We are planning to reach our funding goal after the final selection of variations.


1) This project is basically adding newly composed variations to J. S. Bach’s “Goldberg Variations” All newly composed variations will be based on the same canon that Bach used to compose his “Goldberg Variations”

2) The canon(theme) for the variation is shown below. To clarify, the variations need to be based on this canon in order to be reviewed! You do NOT need to compose a new “theme and variations” based on the canon. Only the variations. Please treat this canon as a theme.

3) The submission should be for piano solo, as the “Goldberg Variation” Please refer to the FAQ on the post regarding electorinic tracks.

4) The structure of the final piece will be

J. S. Bach “Goldberg Variation” + 20-30 newly composed variations

The order of variations are to be decided after the selection process.

We hope this clarifies some important information and please keep sending your questions and interest to

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